Chang Thai

Products for customers who and love Thai herbs. Helps to massage, relax, inhale, relieve pain, aches or sprains smell fresh with Aromatherapy. Main herbal ingredients including with:

Eucalyptus Oil

The smell of deep cold helps feeling refresh and stimulate the vitality

Borneo Camphor

The spices flavor helps reduces the swollen sprains, hot pungent smell. Rub and massage to relieve pain, swelling, sprain, solves the thrust, solves the nerve pain.


The effect is a soft anesthetic. Reducing swelling of nasal blood vessels and reduce pain. When it is touch to the skin, filling cool.

Peppermint Oil

Reduce anger, Reduces fatigue, feeling sluggish, slothful life, makes the lively, Help relieve cold symptoms, nasal congestion

Clove Oil

Reduces fatigue, adds animated and peaceful, and relieves respiratory problems.